I sit the desk in front of my new computer, thrilled that I, at last, am a real writer. My computer and I are partners in creating a great literary work. This fine piece of equipment will enable me to launch my career. I am new at this Word thing, but how hard can it be?

The words flow like a river and I can hardly type quickly enough to keep pace with my mind. Every now and then I stop to check my word count and, just for fun use the spell check. What fun it is to move the sentences around! Copy, cut, and paste; oh, it doesn’t get better than this. Computer, where have you been all my life?

The phone rings. I ignore it. The doorbell rings. I ignore it. Lunchtime passes unnoticed expect for the roaring of my stomach. I don’t care. I am feeling good. This is what writing is all about. There will be no rejection slips this time, no siree. This is going to be the prize article that launches my career. I am moving into the big time and people are going to notice. Agents will beg for my business.

My sentences are flowing, my choice of words perfect with just the right number of adjectives and adverbs. How’s the syntax? No problem. I re-read my work several times over and allow no disagreeing verbs, no dangling participles, naughty gerunds or sloppy slang. My beginning paragraph is awesome. I hook my readers in with the first sentence. My voice is clear and strong, yet gently entreating. My point of view is consistent as each mesmerizing sentence builds towards the scintillating climax.

The moment is here and the final draft is complete. I follow submission guidelines to a “T”. Every space, every line is precise on the page. Every word is spelled correctly, every “i” dotted and every “t” crossed. Wait, perhaps just one last spellcheck before printing, just to make sure it’s perfect. Taadaa! I smile, touch finger to key, and then…Oh no! What happened? The page is blank, and for a moment, my mind. Where is my story? The realization hits. I pressed the wrong key! My unsaved masterpiece is gone forever.

Woe, oh woe and much sorrow! That which was created is not, and has dissolved into the ethers. My once in a lifetime creation is never to be remembered. It is but a mere particle of mist in the sky of my imagination. Apparently a computer does not a career launch make. Maybe I should use the save feature next time.